This was a GMTK Jam 2021 submission. Check out the "production" version of the game over at Doodad Games


There's NO TUTORIAL yet 😣 Please read this!

- It's a tower defence
- You can only place walls (wires) and towers if they're adjacent to a power source
- Initially there are two power sources all the way on the left, on grid squares next to the altar
- Enemies will run through a series of checkpoints before going for the altar at the end. A line is drawn during the building step showing the order
- Do NOT completely block off waypoints/the altar with walls, or the enemies will just ignore your walls and run straight through!
- After placing wires and towers, press SPACE to start the wave


You are a scientist, trying to revive your best friend. The electricity from this lightning storm ought to do it. Sadly for you, the unenlightened souls from the nearby village have taken it upon themselves to end your great work. An angry mob approaches, fully armed with torches and pitchforks. It's time to set up your defences in the name of science ... and fun of course!


- William Chen: Game and visual design, UI art
- Ethan Close: Art
- David Yu: Music and SFX
- Bilal Akil (Doodad Games): Development
- Henry Chen: Testing
- Momo: Ideas, testing and snacks


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Great game from my friend Bilal and his team! Really enjoyed playing this one and I loved the theme. The music and artwork were also great!

Thanks for the kind words Lucas 😊