Alphabet Earthquake

Help kids improve their vocabulary and keyboard-fu, and have some fun with the earthquake!


  • Use the A-Z keys on your keyboard to play. NOTE: You need to click the game once after it loads so it's "focused" and will receive your key presses!
  • Sound is strongly recommended as audio instructions and phonetics are provided.
    • Note that we're not teachers, so the quality of phonetics and such might not hold up academically 😅 
  • The game is intentionally slow paced, except for during the earthquake. The earthquake starts after 10 objects are thrown into the world.

WARNING: The earthquake part of this game encourages keyboard button mashing!

  • If possible, use a separate keyboard instead of the laptop keyboard to prevent accidents.
  • Consider disabling some keys (e.g. ALT, CTRL, etc) that could make a mess of the computer. Try Googling "disable specific keys windows" (or your OS) - just make sure you can turn them back on afterwards 😛


Made by Bilal Akil, for little Raymond's birthday, and for any other little ones that may benefit. Voice acting from Bilal (SFX) and Joy (wifey, voice lines).


  • Project is open source: GitHub
  • Made using the Unity game engine
  • 3D models created inside Unity using Probuilder
  • Custom font drawn on paper and scanned
  • Voice and sound effects (produced via voice) recorded in Adobe Audition
StatusIn development
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